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Competitions / Statistics

  • University of Texas - a short course on memory. Their memory techniques are not geared to competitive memory training.

  • Memory Arena - "The Memory Arena provides researchers, instructors and students in Memory and Memory Disorders with information on the range of books and journals produced by Psychology Press and Routledge."

  • Working Memory - Dedicated to the analysis of working (or short term) memory.

  • MSN Encarta - An article about memory.

  • Mechanisms for memory types differ (Article in Nature)

    Number Systems
  • The Mechtnon System - an advanced system that assignes a single image to a block of four digits.

Card Memory

  • Wikipedia - Provides a person/action system for memorizing a deck of cards.

  • The Dominic Memory System - An excellent discussion of the Dominic System system by a guy who clearly worked hard on implementing it.
  • The Ben Pridmore System - This system takes a lot of work (2700 images), but was used by Ben to memorize a single deck in just under 32 seconds.
  • The Federico System - Published in January of 2007, this sophisticated system is an extension of the PAO method that requires only 13 locations per deck.

Names and Faces

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