Our team of skilled memory experts is available to help you with your memory needs. To request more information about our services or to have one of our experts contact you, click here.

Corporate Memory Training Workshop
This two to three hour seminar can help employees retain complex company product info or help remember the names of key prospective customers. Rather than a standard lecture, this workshop engages the audience throughout by guiding them through a series of memory exercises. Because all memory systems are based on the conversion of words/numbers/dates into easy to remember vivid images, this workshop uses Improv techniques to help unleash the creativity needed to improve memory. Click here to read more details.

Individual Training
Our memory experts can work with corporate clients on a one-on-one basis, providing personalized mnemonic training to help busy executives. Our specialties include techniques for memorizing speeches and software-assisted training to help remember the names of key employees and customers.


Individual tutoring is available on a limited basis. Within Manhattan, tutoring is available for children aged 12 to 18 to help with memory techniques for foreign languages, vocabulary building, historic events, mathematical formulas, and much more. With almost all academic classes requiring at least some amount of memorization, mnemonic training can be an effective way to improve test score and grades that can result in acceptance at more prestigious universities.