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  • Chester Santos wins the big one!!! After several close finishes, Chester has captured his elusive prize - the title of 2008 US Memory Champion. Our congratulations on a most deserving win. Check back here soon for photos of the event. The other finalists were:
    Ram Kolli
    Daniel Naftalovich
    Ronnie White
    Jenny Frielle
    Paul Mellor
    Brice Morey
  • Five FREE memory lectures are now available for streaming (including memory help for Names & Faces and the Roman Room technique that is the key to memorizing speeches). Click here to view them. Click here to request the DVD.

  • Having trouble with Names & Faces? Our new web-based training software now brings memory training into the 21st Century. Clients can click here for access.

  • New Speed Cards world record! Ben Pridmore has broken the 30 second barrier for memorizing a deck of cards, clocking in at 26.28 seconds. Click here and here to learn more about this extraordinary feat.

  • The 2007 US Memory Championship was won by David Thomas of Sandston, Virginia.
    Video of the finals will soon be available. Many photos now up.

  • Ben Pridmore is organizing the university memory champiosnhips in teh UK. Click here for details.

  • New on the competitive memory scene - the Online Memory Challenges managed by Simon Orton.

    Click here to see the results of the first five competitions.

  • Check out our photos and video from the 2006 US Championship.

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Japan Memory Championship
February 3rd, 2008

7th Online Memory Challenge
March 1st, 2008

US Memory Championship
Saturday March 8th, 2008
Manhattan, NY

North German Championship
Sunday April 20th, 2008

Cambridge Memory Championship
Cambridge, England
Sunday May 4, 2008

Derby Memory Championship
Derby, England
Saturday and Sunday May 24-25, 2008

French Memory Championship
June 27-28, 2008

World Memory Championship
Kingdom of Bahrain
October 24-26, 2008

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