Memory Training Workshop
This two to three hour seminar can help employees retain complex company product info or help remember the names of key prospective customers. Rather than a standard lecture, this workshop engages the audience throughout by guiding them through a series of memory exercises. Because all memory systems are based on the conversion of words/numbers/dates into easy to remember vivid images, this workshop uses Improv techniques to help unleash the creativity needed to improve memory.

The Memory Workshop is an interactive seminar in which participants are taught simple memory techniques which can dramatically improve their ability to recall names, numbers, lists, speeches, and much more. Workshop participants are guided through a series of exercises, employing the memory techniques as they learn them. Results are immediately apparent to participants as they see their memories improve throughout the workshop. This workshop is designed to last from 90 to 180 minutes (depending on the needs of the group), and is best presented to a group of 15 to 50 people. Larger audiences are possible, but fewer opportunities to participate would result in the material not being as well absorbed.

Topics covered include:

Introduction to memory - why our brains have such a hard time remembering names and numbers.
Core elements of all memory systems - creating vivid/emotional images to replace hard to remember items.
To do items - how to remember to pick up milk on the way home.
Lists - using the number rhyme system to memorize a list of ten items.
Speeches - the Roman room method to ensuring that you never "go blank" in the middle of an important speech.
Names - we'll go around the room and introduce people, explaining how memory techniques can be used to improve the recall of names (so crucial in the business world).
Numbers - an introduction to the Major System which converts numbers into easy to remember images.
Book reviews - for those who want to pursue memory skills more intensively, we provide a list of the best memory books in several categories.

We can also develop custom programs geared precisely to the memory needs of your group or company. If you would like to schedule a workshop, call James at 203-451-6692 or request more information here.

Please call/email in advance if you are planning to attend one of our free workshops.