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When You Meet People at a Party,
Do You Forget Their Names Within Minutes?

We can help.

Memory experts James Jorasch and Chris Harwood can provide customized instruction tailored precisely to your memory improvement needs. With only a few hours of training you will see a significant improvement in your memory, regardless of your age. We guide clients through interactive exercises that ensure that they are absorbing the material. Training available in memory for names, numbers, lists, speeches, jokes, vocabulary, foreign languages and much more.

james James has conducted many memory workshops over the years. He continues to develop new memory systems and he recently participated in the 2005 US Memory Championships, where he placed 7th in both the “Speed Numbers” and “Speed Cards” events. An avid card player, James can memorize the order of a deck of cards in less than five minutes.
chris Chris is a programmer and a graduate of Cornell who has studied memory systems since high school. He has conducted memory skills workshops for corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies like Xerox and GE. He regularly performs stand-up comedy in New York (Caroline’s, the Duplex, Stand-up New York). Chris is an expert in teaching the creativity skills necessary to master memory systems.

Tutoring is available on a limited basis.

Contact us today for an appointment and start building your memory!

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