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Book Reviews

General Memory Books

Book Comments

Rating (5=best)

Use Your Perfect Memory by Tony Buzan A great place to start, this is a very readable book. The material provided in this workshop is based on his work.
Your Memory : How It Works and How to Improve It by Kenneth L. Higbee A more academic book, but filled with great material.
How to Strengthen Your Memory by Michael Fidlow Similar in structure to Buzan's book.
Improving Your Memory for Dummies by John Arden Most of this book is devoted to the physical side of memory, discussing diet (how caffeine, alcohol, and various foods/vitamins affect memory) and the way memories are stored in the brain.
Never Forget a Number or a Date by Dominic O'Brien More of a booklet than a book. It could easily be read in 15 or 20 minutes. Nothing wrong with the material, but you get a lot more substance in some of the other books we recommend.
The Memory Key: Unlock the Secrets to Remembering by Dr. Fiona McPherson The author spends a lot of time bashing mnemonic systems, but presents no compelling reasons why. The focus of the book is on determining what type of memory system to apply to a given memory need. An admirable goal, but the book is filled with academic babble that makes it hard to read. Nothing here to recommend.
The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas review to come
Harry Lorayne's Page A Minute Memory Book by Harry Lorayne review to come
Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory by Kevin Trudeau review to come
The Memory Workbook by Douglas Mason and Michael Kohn review to come

Learning Names & Faces Books

Book Comments

Rating (5=best)

Remember Every Name Every Time by Benjamin Levy The best book available on remembering names. Lots of detailed instruction, and lots of exercises using high resolution color pictures. No longer easy to find new copies, but online used bookstores have some in stock.
Remembering People by Harry Lorayne Simple and to the point. Includes pictures of people as exercises. Highly recommended.
Never Forget a Name or a Face by Dominic O'Brien Some good suggestions, but this booklet doesn't go into the depth found in the other books we recommend.
Names and Faces Made Easy: The Fun and Easy Way to Remember People
by Jerry Lucas, Bill Bradley
This book is a bit too sophomoric for our taste.

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