Tony Buzan (author of "Use Your Perfect Memory" and organizer of the World Memory Championships) shares the stage with Tony Dottino (President of Dottino Consulting and the organizer of the US Memory Championships)

Chris Turner - no stranger to memory competitions competes in his 8th US Championship

If the world of memory had an ambassador it would have to be this man - Paul Mellor (friendly and outgoing, Paul is also a terrific public speaker)

Visiting the championship from Austria was Lukas Amsuess, ranked in the top 10 in the world and a memory Grandmaster. He completed all of the events with a fantastic score, but was not eligible to compete because he was not a US citizen.

PA Chairperson Rhonda Hess

Ram Kolli and Paul Mellor confer before one of the rounds

In the winner's circle - Tatiana Cooley (2nd place), Lisa Ito (top individual HS scorer) and Ram Kolli (1st place)

Daniel Perl (in the blue shirt) surveys the competition room

A familiar set of faces on stage to receive medals - Maurice Stoll, Chester Santos, and Ram Kolli

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