At each table the competitors are on the left and the judges are on the right

37 Competitors, a new record for the US Championship

One of the judges sneaks in some reading before the start of the round

James Jorasch toward the back in the center of the shot

James Jorasch scribbling away during the recall period of the Names and Faces round

Belinda Shao in a moment of intense concentration

Memory can be hard work!

Andrieana Sugrim

British Airways flew the winner of the event to the world championships

Chris Harwood in green behind the two water bottles

Chris Turner, who has competed in all nine US Championships

Mykie Pidor is another regular at the US Championships

Erin Luley stands to acknowledge her record score in the Names and Faces round

Erin Luley and Josh Foer chat after a round

Josh Foer and Maurice Stoll watch the proceedings

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